Not Yet Ready For Change

Yes, the Conservative Party is back in power.  The political party that measures everything by weight of money and figures, as opposed to common sense and reality. Where soft skills are not considered skills at all and you’ll be charged more tax for having an empty room at home. The truth is, we as a collective are not yet ready for bold and innovative change. If we were, the Conservative Party wouldn’t be back in Power. We like change on a small scale through SMEs and community projects, but not a large scale through who we elect into parliament. Some may argue that we truly don’t live in a democracy, but then I would urge them to offer an alternative loud and clear for the masses to hear or try living in countries of dictatorship. The bleak economy and resetting what’s been done over the last 5 years proved too much of a risk to gamble.

Yes, our country is not yet ready for a change… because if it was perhaps we would have voted for the Green Party or some other alternative. Whilst many (the minority) are screaming for change and have woken up to the system, we as a collective majority aren’t quite ready yet. When the country is in a pinch we turn to the Conservative Party and when we’re doing alright and want more of a relaxing ride we turn to Labour Party. However, if we continue to allow ourselves only the choice between two political parties then there will never be the necessary change that is needed for our modern day society.

The truth is the majority have spoken whether the minority like it or not. Our country wants more austerity and political war mongering. Things are not dyer enough for the everyday collective citizen in order to create a lawful rebellion or revolution. We’re not yet ready to put nature and people first, and to structure our mindsets, political system and society into a more holistic manner.

Someday perhaps…

Let’s Just Write

Writer’s block is literally mind-numbing! But the funny thing is as writers we are writing everyday without realising it. The text message, e-mail and shopping list are all forms of writing, though not in the manner we may hope, especially if a novel is in the works.

To all my fellow writers, let’s just write! Write, write, write! Write when you’re in the toilet or pretending to listen to friends in social meet ups as your mind wanders. Write with your mind in the bathtub and smile whilst running naked to your notepad before the thoughts ebb away.

Above anything and everything, find your voice and do timed writing. If you can find the time to brush your teeth and shower everyday then as a writer you owe it to yourself to write everyday even if you only share it with yourself.

Believe me… this post is just as much for myself as it is for others, and so on that note I am re-drafting my novel all over again, and I won’t be so gentle about it this time round!

Olympic Yume – My Children’s Blog


Back in June 2013 my wife and I launched our children’s website, Olympic Yume – Yume is Japanese for dream. Two years on and I’m glad to say the dream is still going strong! Their website has now transitioned into a blog website, as it’s much quicker and easier to manage.

Their blog posts – a mix between ourselves and our children – are focused on their dream to become future Olympic champions in athletics and share related information, as well as what they get up to when not training. I believe it also acts as nice compliment to my own blog space and shows what other things I get up to when not writing in this digital sphere.

The Olympic Yume website is hosted on WordPress also and I would appreciate it if you could follow my children’s blog:

Thank you!

Finding Balance

In my free pdf ebook on holistic wellbeing I explore through quick practical exercises how one can find a stable balance both at home and at work. I expanded on this slightly in my recent post – so you want to change the world and be a changemaker. On that note, I hope that overall my blog posts strike a balance and offer an insight into the activities that help me to find balance.

Even still, finding balance can be a difficult if you are a beginner at meditation or similar practices. Therefore, many often turn to someone to talk to or engage in some sort of activity that takes the mind away from whatever is disturbing our ether. It is imperative to make the mind, body and spirit strong as they are all interconnected and will depend on each other at some point.

Meditation, developing emotional cognition, morals, ethics, etc.

Healthy food and suitable exercise.

Being creative and adventurous.

The aim is always to simplify everything for the benefit of yourself. For example: “I am taking care of my mind through meditation (slowing it down and creating clarity) and constantly aiming to stop negative thoughts from arising within. I am taking care of my body through appropriate food and suitable exercise. I am being creative and exploring the creativity of others because it resonates within a part of me that is beyond words, thought and emotions – this is my spirit.” If you can say this to yourself and others, then you are being true to yourself, but most importantly you are being good to yourself.