Visualizing Well-being – Data Visualization Contest 2015

Win a trip to Mexico!


One of the projects (Web-COSI) I am working on is offering winners a prize trip to Mexico to participate at the 5th OECD World Forum. The winners will be awarded with a certificate of recognition during a special session of the Forum. The competition is open to all individuals, both amateurs and professionals. We especially would like to encourage the participation of young people and one of the prizes will be reserved for entries from under 26-year olds.

Deadline for Submissions: 24 August, 2015

The aim of the contest is to encourage participants to use well-being measurement in innovative ways to a) show how data on well-being give a more meaningful picture of the progress of societies than more traditional growth-oriented approaches, and b) to use their creativity to communicate key ideas about well-being to a broad audience. See below for more information to help you enter the contest.

Entries will be welcomed in two categories:

  1. Interactive visualisations
  2. Static infographics and visualisations

You can find out more here:

Yet Another Year Passes By

Another year has passed by… Last week I came into this physical world under the warm summer rays, being conceived under the colourful autumn leaves. My two favourite seasons coincidentally. I had a lovely slow-paced and reflective day with my family and really enjoyed the delicious birthday cake my children baked. Humbled, blessed and thankful for another year.



A flock of seven ride the waves in the glow of the amber sunlight
climbing upwards as the warm tide comes in to shore,
the physical reality controlled by an illusion of time
as my senses heighten and gravity itself halts the ocean.

I had traversed through the woods submerged into the bowels of mother nature, listening to the sounds of exotic birds,
I stumbled upon ripples in a pond of ethereal transcendence that appeared through an opening. I sat…
My perception of time altered by my emotional state
creating visual gaps in light and slowing everything down.

Not Yet Ready For Change

Yes, the Conservative Party is back in power.  The political party that measures everything by weight of money and figures, as opposed to common sense and reality. Where soft skills are not considered skills at all and you’ll be charged more tax for having an empty room at home. The truth is, we as a collective are not yet ready for bold and innovative change. If we were, the Conservative Party wouldn’t be back in Power. We like change on a small scale through SMEs and community projects, but not a large scale through who we elect into parliament. Some may argue that we truly don’t live in a democracy, but then I would urge them to offer an alternative loud and clear for the masses to hear or try living in countries of dictatorship. The bleak economy and resetting what’s been done over the last 5 years proved too much of a risk to gamble.

Yes, our country is not yet ready for a change… because if it was perhaps we would have voted for the Green Party or some other alternative. Whilst many (the minority) are screaming for change and have woken up to the system, we as a collective majority aren’t quite ready yet. When the country is in a pinch we turn to the Conservative Party and when we’re doing alright and want more of a relaxing ride we turn to Labour Party. However, if we continue to allow ourselves only the choice between two political parties then there will never be the necessary change that is needed for our modern day society.

The truth is the majority have spoken whether the minority like it or not. Our country wants more austerity and political war mongering. Things are not dyer enough for the everyday collective citizen in order to create a lawful rebellion or revolution. We’re not yet ready to put nature and people first, and to structure our mindsets, political system and society into a more holistic manner.

Someday perhaps…

Let’s Just Write

Writer’s block is literally mind-numbing! But the funny thing is as writers we are writing everyday without realising it. The text message, e-mail and shopping list are all forms of writing, though not in the manner we may hope, especially if a novel is in the works.

To all my fellow writers, let’s just write! Write, write, write! Write when you’re in the toilet or pretending to listen to friends in social meet ups as your mind wanders. Write with your mind in the bathtub and smile whilst running naked to your notepad before the thoughts ebb away.

Above anything and everything, find your voice and do timed writing. If you can find the time to brush your teeth and shower everyday then as a writer you owe it to yourself to write everyday even if you only share it with yourself.

Believe me… this post is just as much for myself as it is for others, and so on that note I am re-drafting my novel all over again, and I won’t be so gentle about it this time round!