The Asking of Our Whys..

by: Eyselpeyt
There are a lot of things that keep us thinking
A lot of question of why? oh why? and why?
Even if we got the answer, we usually get not satisfied.
We always wonder and keep asking why.
We always say it’s the kids that always ask this question
But like them, we too often wonder why things should be that way.
We get tired, rationalize and justify,
That’s what adults deal with our whys.
Even if we know the answer, we never get satisfied;
We go on our own ways
In different speed, in different depth,
In our end when it is hard, we stop and again, ask why.
The questioning never stops.
The doubt, the fear just keeps rising.
Where is your FAITH?
Why does your heart falter?
Why do you feel this way?…
I myself feel the same way.
Even it’s hard to do.
It’s not forcing and lying  to yourself
So you will keep your faith and feet standing.
It’s not about the fight, the struggle and the loosing.
But it’s all about how we fought, struggled and the overcoming.
It’s more of who we are and what we are fighting.
Even if our journey might be long,
If we knew whom to hold on.
We can be certain whatever whys will have,
There is an answer…
and it’s God, He is the answer.

One thought on “The Asking of Our Whys..

  1. Thanks for sharing this thought provoking piece and lovely photo. You could say that your creation is not to please, but to express your existence in harmony with life. I am not a religious person, but I am deeply spiritual and pratically scientific at the same time (being a lover of [inc. quantum] physics). I would conclude that the answer rests within YOU, and that YOU are the answer – for if we were/are to be a creation of God, then we share the same qualities and expressions of God, and hence God is within and apart of us. In this modern age we most certainly need faith in ourselves and each other.


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