Drifting away from society

The firey sky in dusk, abides to me

A flame lit portal to the dimension I belong to

Oblivious to its call, I suffer in sorrow

Seeking serenity and meaning in this illusion of a mortal life

* This was a short poem I wrote, it came straight into my mind when I saw a beautiful sunset in front of me.*

Escaping reality, I drift

Away from society, I try to blend

Into the background and slowly but surely, I fade away

From this corrupted world of evil, into a pure and peaceful plane

Without worries, within my mind

I wish for this moment to last longer than my imagination can hold on to~


One thought on “Drifting away from society

  1. Very thoughtful poetry Raze! I love the line ‘ a flame lit portal to the dimension I belong to’. It paints a picture of pure solitude, but also a sense of belonging and hope to arrive at a place you belong whether physically or mentally. Thank you for sharing!


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