Ragin Riots

bullet entered piercing skin
blood burst forth heart beat ceased,
now each rebel carries his heart beat

The barrel of the gun smokes a cigar.
The finger that pulled the trigger relaxes.
Hot hand pulsates, veins shot through with adrenaline.
The sky splits. The clouds scatter.
Silent as snowflakes blanketing the city,
they bring it to a halt.
The underground vibrates,
troops of feet collate,
marching to a rhythm of heat and hate,
veins shot through with vengeance, irate.
Expanding, dispersing clusters
bystanders afraid and flustered
Watch as waves upon waves
crash within a sea of faceless rage.
Expanding, dispersing, uniting like ants
beneath a canopy of mindless chants
all marching to the rhythm of heat and hate.

Contagious like the plague, they spread like wildfire heading north.
Dancing with the devil, flames licking his tail, feeding their desire pushing north.

Not too far, death hot wires a car, accelerating hard pushing forth,
till he and his scythe head on collide,
with 3 men, within seconds 3 corpses,

Even those in their ivory tower took note
Trouble on the ground is not too remote.
Grass roots issues shake the sturdiest of trees.
Treat the cause of unrest, not the symptoms of disease.

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