Clear the path

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This is a gift wrapping.

But the material is not easily tearable.

So you may take a long time to get the fancy stuff inside.

To grab something fancy for you,

you always need to take your action and time, use mind and hand etc…

Even if it is given by someone.

You have to clear your path by yourself after someone gives you a chance.

——This design work for my best brother, Barry, the founder of Spirativity.

Thank you for giving me chances always.


One thought on “Clear the path

  1. My dearest sister Nao, your first contribution to Spirativity is truly a delightful one. You’ve wonderfully combined art, fashion and photography together to produce a thought provoking piece full of spirativity and symbolism. The words you’ve written wonderfully anchor what your creativity expresses. Precious things, like people, should be approached with a patient and thoughtful mind, and handled with great care. You are most certainly precious to me. Thank you for sharing and exploring your spirativity. I look forward to your future work. : )


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