Changing States

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Each leaf is similar,

a relative of the branch from where it came.

Each discolouration is colour magnified

Super imposed yet blending like chameleons

creating fire halos.

The morning rays tease

as they push through overlapping leaves.

Tiny windows of light slice the air.

Steadying the naked eye,

fixing it upon moving particles in the haze.

The silent, cool, crisp night

winds the earths soil so tight.

Alas, a new day dawns.

The ground sighs relief

as dew bids adieu and rises up in mist

basking in golden light; changes and shifts

enveloped within opaque fluffed cloud

which rises and disappears.

Reappearing to grant permission to carefree breeze

to rustle and tickle the autumn leaves

coaxing them to blanket the unwound naked ground.

Everything is the same.  Everything is different

More potent more profound.

Lush greens, brilliant yellows, reds to make you blush,

Vibrant trees, small shrubs, everything full flush.

Know that no leaf leaves its tree without His say

Vitality is vital

Yet there is much beauty in decay.


One thought on “Changing States

  1. Ah, it is indeed that time of the year again where the striking Autumn colours bring fire to our soul, and as the skies begin to clear, the winter chill begins to settle in. I always love reading your poetry, as it’s so enthused with vibrancy and passion, vivid with expression and inspires creativity. Your work always gives me energy. Thanks for sharing and keep up the creativity! Lovely photos by the way : )


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