This is for you.

It is the poem I promised and never sent.

It is the key I lost and found,

Grown bitter from its place beneath

The earth of memory.

The earth of Time.

A window through which I look back

And see you claim my innocence

For the darker vales of your mystery.

I mourn like a convention of widows

Within the empty space

Once occupied by laughter.

I dance

To the rhythm of our dying romance.

Knee deep within the ashes of a heart you stole from me.

The one I would have given gladly had you asked.

This is what I offer.

A parting gesture of the past.

Shaped in verb and adjective,

Balanced by syllable and garnished with simile.

Embossed forever upon the map

Of your many rich and varied lives.

Take it.

It is yours to keep.

The end of an affair.

The beginning of memory.

One thought on “Event/Memory

  1. Wow… absolutely riveting! Every line is vivid and no words wasted, capturing interwoven moments within a grand emotional moment. I could read this again and again and its effect would not waver. A true excellence in poetry lodged within my memory and a strong reminder as to why I so often enjoyed listening to your creative writing in our university days. Thank you for sharing Jason!


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