Shegga (militia)

Art & Caption by Geurda Bondonga.

During the course of 2009 much of my attention has been on D.R. Congo.  After the arrival of a peace worker friend of mine. I had come decided to create an image that expressed how I feel. The image is a young man representing the shegga’s (militia) who are turned into young killers and rapist. The young man is at an angle to symbolise that the world is crocked. And the empty frame behind him demonstrates his lack of presence.

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5 thoughts on “Shegga (militia)

  1. I love this picture and the story behind it. I like the fact that the picture can viewed at different angles each time in order to get a new meaning. At certain angles if you look closely you can see different faces. I also like the simple see of colour being just black and white. A very unique and original piece of art.


  2. Guerda, this is such a wonderfully elaborative, abstract and yet so detailed piece of art. I am very familiar with the situation in Congo as I have done extensive research into the situation of child soldiers. I’m glad I had the pleasure of viewing it first hand at your exhibition! Keep up the fascinating work and I look forward to more jigsaw pieces of your create puzzle, as I know this is one of many merging pieces of fabric. Peace, love and harmonic blessings.


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