F r i e n d s

These are my pets and I am glad that they are all friends.

Who says that cats and dogs are mortal enemies?

My family is very fond of pets and ever since we always have cats and dogs in the house. There are even stray animals that I also adopted like the orange kitten above. This tiny Kitty woke me up one early morning screaming with a cute squeaky sound. I went out and look for it and found a dirty, helpless creature. I think she is only a few days old then  and she broke my heart seeing her being ignored by people and abandoned by her irresponsible cat  mom.

I adopted her and called her Ning-Ning. At first, the other pets are so indifferent. They do not like her especially Pancho, the leader and eldest of all but for a few days of patiently training them to like Kitty girl, they were able to love and accept her as member of the family.

My Pancho

Animals are like human beings, we have different personalities, temperament and we all struggle to make on our own survival. Yet despite of our differences our instinct to adhere to do good made us to love and care for others. Sometimes the most valuable lessons in life are found in the least expected things or events. I am glad that I was able to see meaningful and sometimes extraordinary lessons from ordinary animals.

Animals have their own ways to make up with each other. I noticed that when one of them is sick the stronger doesn’t leave the weak. They share each other’s food, bed and protect each other. They even cover each other during the cold and use their body to share heat and are not ashamed to show that each of them is important.


3 thoughts on “F r i e n d s

  1. Thank you Barry! It’s always been a pleasure to share something and I also hope I could inspire others as I was with the life, experiences, thoughts and works of wonderful and great people =)

    Thanks Barry for the initiatives! More power to Spirativity!


  2. Really beautiful and warming Eyselpeyt! It’s always wonderful to know that we can learn from nature and animals, as well as be enveloped in love and care no matter the medium from which it comes. Lovely photos! Thank you for sharing : )


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