Where We Are

I hear you offering prayers
Through a veil of darkness.
I read the frantic scribbles of your mind
As you draft the final diagram of your downfall.
I test you like a cipher until I realize, finally
That it is useless.

Time passes and still I cannot solve your Voodoo.
I am not the Remover of Obstacles.
I am not God.
I cannot make the pieces of the world fit
Into your widening frame of expectation.
It matters not.

You have made a friend of disappointment
And now you are bound by loyalty.
The words I love you echo like the screams of lost children,
But the screams are mine.
Do you hear me?

I am a white flag in the Sarajevo of your heart.
Step out of the darkness and find me
When the words burn your mouth
And your tongue can hold them no longer.

I am here upon the plateau.
I am waiting.
Find me now and end this war
And hold me and do not let us go.
Find me and find peace.
Find me and let us breathe.


One thought on “Where We Are

  1. ‘I am a white flag in the Sarajevo of your heart’. This line is worth its weight in gold! This poem is like small jigsaw pieces that fit… behind its whole I believe there is another story wanting to be told. I wait…


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