Ink Graphite

Ink – Graphite artists have the aim to bomb every area. In lament terms this means they wish to leave their mark (tag) strategically throughout the city. This particular piece expresses that same concept but towards life and in particular in my city London (try and identify the London sky line in this image and more). This concept came about after ink had spilt out of my pen and on my jacket pocket. When I reached into feel and I struggled to get the ink off my finger after marking up everything. Then it hit me “Eureka” this is it.

Art by Geurda Bondonga

2 thoughts on “Ink Graphite

  1. Excellent cause of serendipity! It feels like the viewer is the skyline themselves. Very thought provoking – each time I look at it I see something new, and from a different angle, something new again! Thanks for sharing bro!


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