Chinese New Year 15th Night

So instead of pictures (as my camera is not working), I will be writing somewhat like a journal entry, telling you about our chinese cultures over here =D. Last night was the 15th night of the annual Chinese New Year. On the 1st and 2nd day, we chinese usually have loads of fireworks lighting up the night sky, during the afternoon, the elders would be busy preparing loads of food and snacks for the night, where they usually have ‘steamboat’. Its like a wok with water and soup in it, where you can drop in vegetables and meat for it to cook, usually we eat it as a family around a big, round table. This is also done on the ’29th’ night or also known as new year’s eve, where relatives from all over the country gather back together and have a reunion dinner.
During the other days, kids go around playing with firecrackers, receiving ‘red packets’ from adults (these have money in them), visiting relatives and so forth. On the 9th day of chinese new year, most buddhists would pray to the ‘Sky god’ and use sugar canes as a sign of reaching for the god in the sky (or something like that). They would also provide offerings of food and biscuits at the road side too, while burning incenses in their homes and on the streets.
Now lastly, back on topic, the 15th night if also a symbol of love for the chinese, they also call it the Chinese Valentine’s Day. Most single people would go to the beach or to any body of water, the girls would grab an orange or mandarin each and throw them down the beach or towards the water, where a lucky single guy would be ready to catch them. Apparently so, the one who catches that orange is meant for the girl who threw it. The 15th night is also always accompanied by a full moon and red fireworks to signal the end of the new year festival. Some children would open their red packets that they’ve collected for all 15 days on this last day, as for some, they would open it on the spot.
Annually the Chinese New Year is celebrated on different dates, according to the lunar calendar, somehow they always calculate it just right to have the last night with a perfectly, full moon. During all the days of the chinese new year, no matter where you go, you will hear chinese new year songs in malls and shops and occasionally see lion or dragon dances performed to ward away evil spirits, especially for stores that are just about to open for business. You will see lots of red lanterns and people wearing red, most chinese make it a taboo to wear black on the 1st or 2nd day of the new year, as it is a colour of mourning. Well last night was the 15th night and tonight there still is a full moon. I hope you guys got some info on our chinese culture or found it interesting =D. Personally I’m not a buddhist but I’m still a chinese so I enjoy celebrating it anyway.



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  1. Hey Raze! Thanks for sharing piece with us! It’s a nice post giving a warm insight into Chinese New Year practices and festivities. Some day I would like to be in the East to experience it fully. It must be a wonderful time. Happy Chinese New Year to you!

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