City of Angels, Bangkok




Below the radiant sun, zipping through the artful Tuktuks, gliding softly against the ancient wonders, and beyond the elegant walls of the Banyan Tree hotel, social entrepreneurship in Asia just got stronger.

What was created and learned about during the i-genius Asia Summit on Social Entrepreneurship, was not how great the work people are doing in Asia is, but the importance and appreciation for the need to connect and work together. Through the creation of the East Asian Social Enterprise Network we understand that unified collaboration across borders is far more important than competition and status.

I enjoyed my time in Bangkok, not only as a team member of the hosting organisation (i-genius), but also as a participant, and then when time afforded, as a tourist. The people I met on my trip both in and out of the Asia Summit were warm and caring. I left Bangkok with a greater appreciation and love for its culture and food, and further passion to want to make change in my local community no matter the changes.

I am grateful to i-genius, all participants and to Bangkok.