Your Community

What is ‘Your Community’ initiative?

A project consisting of locals passionately dedicated to creating a closer-nit community on their estate, street/road, neighbourhood and postcode/zip code and its surrounding area via the mediums of the Internet (Facebook group) and person-to-person interaction. Emphasis is on using a digital platform (facebook) only as a medium to further enhance face-to-face real life community engagement with our fellow residents.

This is an international call to all those who come across this page and its initiative to set up similar initiatives within their respective communities. Focus on your street or postcode area to ensure maximum and rich community engagement. The potential facebook group can be used to communicate digitally, but also to promote local initiatives and businesses, as well as events, etc.

‘Your Community’ calls on residents and locals to serve and protect, and create an active community area through wider communication and caring for each other. Residents will be apart of creating a brighter and warmer neighbourhood for children and families, supporting the elderly and vulnerable, ensuring the immediate area is clean, green and safe, as well as looking out for the mental and physical wellbeing of each other.

Why do we need ‘Your Community’ initiative?

‘Your Community’ is aimed at the community as a whole on a holistic level. This project will take the work and foundations established by current residents groups and local councils to a new level of community interaction and well-being. The project aims to explore, understand, appreciate, and harness the unique identities, cultures, languages, interests, religions and ideologies that reside within our local communities.

Society is rapidly changing, as are our local communities. As a collective community we can better understand the challenges and opportunities, as well as the benefits and beauty of living where we do respectively. The project will give each area its own unique identity that embraces its diversity.

‘Your Community’ initiatives

Outreach: Looking out for the elderly and vulnerable residents of the estate. Ensuring that they are ‘okay’, and if they need any help with anything. Any errands, shopping, etc.

Skills Exchange: Want to learn new skills? Why not see if your fellow residents possess the skills you require. Exchange skills (i.e. photography for cooking, Arabic for Polish, etc.)

Groups: Have similar interests? Why not do group meet ups (take turns meeting at each other’s houses). Book club, music, film, yoga, history, sports, knitting, cookery, fashion, design, gardening, environment, cycling, wellbeing, astronomy, etc. Meet up, talk, and do things together.

Services: Any plumbers, writers, filmmakers or make-up artists in your local area? List your services and make your own price. Why use the yellow pages or other services? Check to see if your fellow residents can do the job for you at a friendly community price.

Outings: Organise a trip for the elderly, young, families, and all.

Resident Faces: Community photos of all residents (poster/website mediums)

Events: List local community events for the year on a board (and website). Summer Barbecue, Christmas Party, Football in the park, Spring Picnics,  Autumn Viewing, The Give Away (give things you do not want to other residents), etc.

Sponsorship: Residents to sponsor/donate to a family or child. The less fortunate. Why sponsor or donate to a charity when you can help someone closer to home.

What to do next?

1. Get out and about and talk to as much local people as possible about the initiative
2. Create a facebook page – Keep it simple i.e. ‘(something) community’. I’ve already created one for my local community (‘N16 Community’), which I hope will flourish over the coming months
3. Promote your facebook page and overall initiative within your local community, councils and publications, as well as local businesses
4. Become a leader and don’t give up!
5. Let Spirativity know of your progress!