[inhale and exhale]
I am naked before you earth
I dedicate my thoughts and movements to the elements of life
I embrace nature and explore the universe
I learn from earth’s creations with humility
I transcend to pure harmony through darkness and light
I allow nature to balance my soul
I welcome the sunset to bathe me, the moonlight to cleanse me,
and the stars to solidify me
I see beyond colour and form…
I and I return to earth
I and I return to each other
I and I return, [inhale and exhale]

By B. L. Crisp
Image: NASA

N. B.
I and I:
In place of “you and me” to show that all people are equal. The “I and I” also marks a distinction between the body (that which can be seen) and the spirit. This is reinforced by the similarity of sound between “I and I” and “eye and I”. The expression “I and I” thus expressly includes all of ones being.

Elements of life: Harmony, Friendship, Valour, Knowledge, Imagination, Enthusiasm, Wisdom, Honesty, Observation, Listening, Creativity, Patience, Purpose, Gratitude, Support, Humility

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    1. Very true! And we must not forget this with each passing day… Career aspirations should go hand in hand with spirituality and a respect for nature.


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