This Too Shall Pass

‘This too shall pass’ – for all conditions/situations both positive and negative are only temporary. This saying/proverb is something that my family and I try to live by, and is especially something my children are interested in because their emotions as much as mine tend to change often (understatement of the week), and so it is important to remember that no matter the sadness/pain or success/happiness, the moment will only be temporary. Knowing this will keep us all both positive and humble, as well as stronger individuals of society.

This too shall pass, along with the Earth poem/mantra and focusing on the elements of life will keep us balanced. So, why not focus on these for a week or a month and see if anything in your life changes?!

7 thoughts on “This Too Shall Pass

    1. Thank you Frances – and definitely. It is sometimes hard to find a good balance in our lives, but we can take little steps and little things to find a good balance.


  1. LOL… yes yes… you’re indeed right. A friend on mine via Facebook also messaged me. Interesting analysis… equal amount of people (not including you) are willing to comment if one makes a mistake. Haha. Happy thinking and thank you for commenting! ; )


  2. I’m really sorry for being what people call a “Grammar Nazi” but shouldn’t it be “this TOO shall pass”.
    Short and sweet. This post gives me something to think about !


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