Metaphysical Me

Metaphysical me…
arranged by nature’s complexities
there is no grey area in hyper-realities,
society sculpturing me into another being
separating the me from you, you and me from living,
matter over mind, eclipsing space and time
cradled delicately by the thin blue line
Metaphysical me…
a path sits between what I was and what I be
the big bang and gods reside within me,
could it be that there is no form in identity
our existence is layered outside of reality,
unified thoughts dismantled by violence and greed
but existing between the nothingness is a cosmic seed

Metaphysical me…
education tried to downgrade me to flatland 2D
so I scaled and elevated the ladders internally,
earth’s emotions is a temporary fluctuation
only ‘I’ can change the present situation,
watering seed elements to the roots of my tree
I am multi-dimensional, colourful, metaphysical me

By B. L. Crisp

6 thoughts on “Metaphysical Me

    1. Thank you Susie! Music… It’s worth trying. Perhaps I should explore it, although I am not a musician… It would be fun! : )


      1. You should! Just start humming a tune along with it or find a guitar player. Doesn’t everyone still play guitar? 🙂 Let me know how it goes!


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