In Two Lines

‘The naked tree grows as…

we wait for the Cherry Blossoms.’


‘Time is enveloped

and posted without a stamp.’


‘Inside my left shoe

I whisper the words of love.’


‘A key pierces my eye

as I look through the keyhole.’


‘Coat hangers resting…

I sit waiting.’


‘My barrier is naked…

you slowly let yourself in.’


‘If my heart stopped…

would you come.’


‘I open the front door

and it begins to rain.’


‘The train departs…

the houses stare at me.’


‘An army in white

drifts in the sky.’


‘My mind remains soaked

without a towel.’


‘The sky turns blue…

the ocean transpires.’


‘I dance naked

inside my forest.’


‘Sleeping at night

only brings memories of you.’


‘Traveling forth

along with the unbroken wind.’


‘The birds cannot be heard…

an open tap of blood drips.’


‘Heaven without Earth

night invisible to day.’


By B. L. Crisp