Transit of Venus & Queen’s Diamond Jubilee

Wow… what an awesome extended bank holiday weekend which saw the biggest ever flotilla at the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee pageant, as well as a terrific concert, street parties up and down the country and finished with the Transit of Venus. I’m not a royalist by any stretch of the imagination, especially after seeing thousands of people screaming their heads off like crazed monkies, but the Queen is whatever you want her to be. Besides, the Brits quite simply just enjoy a good party regardless of the occasion. And despite the heavy downpour and chill it was amazing to see how many people turned up to celebrate the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee. My family and I decided to catch some cake and party atmosphere, naturally. A few snaps below!

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And did you catch the Transit of Venus? What a beautiful and humbling view to gaze upon. Even more so to think that it will never occur again in our lifetime (next time the Transit of Venus occurs will be in 2117). I watched via NASA’s website when the Tranist of Venus began, though unfortunately I didn’t get to see it properly in London due to bad weather… just an awe-inspiring glimpse. And even if you didn’t see it with your naked eyes (with solar viewing glasses/equipment), the power of technology brought it into view for everyone who was interested, and simply to sit in a park in the early hours of the morning listening to nature and watching the sun’s rays glimmer from behind the dark veil of clouds was in itself heart-warming – knowing that the Earth is gazing upon her sister planet. Whilst I didn’t get to take a photo of the Transit of Venus… below you will see a couple digital screenshot snaps from my Solar Walk ipad app. Ah, to be living and to be apart of something that is constantly evolving – we truly are a cosmic existence!

10 thoughts on “Transit of Venus & Queen’s Diamond Jubilee

  1. Great pics – sounds like you had a good weekend. I missed the Transit of Venus too, like most of the UK, and was pretty disappointed to learn that there won’t be another for 105 years! Thanks for stopping by my blog, The Hazel Tree.


  2. Great shots – Transit of Venus

    I watched the live telecast of the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee. Another once in our lifetime event.

    Loved them both 🙂


  3. Nice jubilee pictures — my favorite was of the wrinkled face of the pug. Other than the vision of the Venus transit what adds to the interest of this phenomenon is what the changes symbolize. It is said that upon this event, it is important to love — get rid of grudges in any relationships and to spread love to everyone.


    1. Yes… it is said we are moving into the Age of Aquarius whether we understand this as an atrological phenomenon or spiritual (I prefer to merge to two)… it’s quite an exciting time to be alive – so much change is happening before our mind’s eyes.


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