Beat the Monkey and Family

So recently I have just been chilling out, meeting with friends both new and old and clearing out and erasing files that are no longer necessary to keep on my ageing iMac… as the sunlight sprinkles its way through my window whilst I gaze upon characters of all shapes, sizes and oddities I smile (actually giggling like a kid) holding a glass of red wine (yes, I know it’s only lunch time here) and some organic Italian drunken cheese melting in my mouth as I listen to some old songs (sample sounds really) created by my family and I using Garageband. My favourite being Huang Fei Hong – I had fun making that one I assure you (the things we get up to when others are not around…).

My son created a song titled ‘Beat the Monkey’ (with my technical assistance) purely out of his own imagination and sound selections using Garageband. After I uploaded it I was surprised to see that the sounds belong to another artist. I didn’t know that it was possible considering the sounds are free loops within the Garageband application. It just seems like someone else got there before my son in using the sounds then distributing online afterwards. Oh well.

Click here to listen to > BEAT THE MONKEY

On another song craze…. My son, daughter and I were dancing around at home one day humming to the Lord of the Rings theme song and so we decided to record our moment of stardom and add a few elements to it.

Click here to listen to > FAMILY

And whilst I am at it… why not listen to one of my favourite oldie creations Huang Fei Hong and more at Spirativity Media (youtube channel) all uploaded today for the first time ever. Shiver mi timbers and do not take mi music seriously! ; )

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