The Change-maker Within. Achieving in the Face of Adversity

So… It was my third time to be submitted into a group of strangers (albeit with a few old friendlies). Each time I have gone to School for Change-makers (SfCM), I have come away with a fresh thought, news friends, and a sense of giving (Click Here for previous reflection). This time was different however. Without the assistance of my team and not having to slightly distance myself from the activities due to meetings and so forth, I allowed for a more personable experience. My main mission in Liverpool at SfCM was to deliver a truly challenging, but rewarding three day workshop on being a social entrepreneur. The workshop took the medium of a scenario game whereby each participant undertook particular roles in developing a sustainable social business enterprise.

Participants did find this challenging because it tested a lot of their own knowledge, experience, team-working skills, morals and ethics, decision making and vision for wanting to set up a social business. I hope each participant was able to take something away, but to also appreciate the opportunity to work with others in the same area of interest. Naturally, I also made myself available for questions throughout the three days in my spare time. A truly rewarding experience, which also included me reading aloud ‘Metaphysical Me‘ – consequently, the first time to read one of my thoughts/poems to an audience also.

The second purpose of being at SfCM was to deliver a talk on achieving in the face of adversity in relation to my organisation… So, on the way up on the train to Liverpool I threw some slides together using the ipad and thought of a few words to say… Lovely! Well, not quite… the night before, I was asked to not talk about work, but make my talk a biographical experience. Gosh, right… Did I qualify to speak on such a theme?! Have I really achieved anything, and if so why would anybody care. So, I decided that my greatest achievement in adversity was living – to be alive, and as I climbed into bed the previous night… I thought the best way to deliver this talk was with a bit of humor, a bit of seriousness, and of course to be sincere.

Being a writer I know the format of beginning, middle and end. Having experience in drama I know how to contain my emotions, and being a spiritualist and adventurer of living and the explorations of the mind I know that it is always important to plant a seed of thought and get others to ask questions (i.e Third Born). This was the first time to actually speak about myself to an audience. Things I have never shared before unless asked. But it felt like the right time to do so, especially as I plan to include a lot of my personal experience in the practical well-being book that I am currently writing.

I was truly humbled to find that what I had to share resonated with a lot of people, and even got people thinking and questioning themselves and their abilities and willing to apply what I had to say to their everyday lives. I was humbled at the amount of people that came to speak with me throughout the rest of the weekend to share their stories, seek advice and even shed some tears. I suppose at the end of the day, all we have is our stories and body of work (diaries, blogs, photos, etc..). And these will be remembered and passed on long after we’ve gone. I’m not a machine and even some were surprised I was able to talk without being emotional… I still have old survival habits of withdrawing, reflecting and writing, and so as I write this blog post a delayed gush of emotion oozes around the inner sanctums of my body. We are all change-makers within and should constantly strive to plant the seeds of change in everything we do and say each passing day.


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    1. Thank you Susie! Much appreciated! I do plan to self publish the wellbeing book… So hopefully I can put some great time aside to go through it with efficiency. 🙂


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