Wedding Anniversary, Speed Gene and the God Particle

Hey people… it’s been a short while since my last posting. Nope, I haven’t ran out of writing stamina, but simply just been ultra busy with a host of non-digital things to attend to. Most notably my wife and I recently celebrated our 8th Wedding Anniversary. We spent a lovely day full of reflective conversations, a shopping trip (including new plants for the house, gerbera daisies, peace lily, areca palm [all good natural air purifiers], etc.), Korean lunch (we simply love Korean food), and then dinner with our children at a local family-run Thai restaurant. We finished the evening off with a glass of red wine (well not for my wife as she is pregnant), olives and randomly booking tickets (cheap I add) to Japan for the summer. It’s been two years now since we left the land of the rising sun and last saw our family there. So overall, it was a truly fine day and we are humbled that the elements of life has kept us together in good health and harmony with good friends around us.

Outside the frivolities of our marriage our children had a wonderful Sports Day, followed by my son’s athletics competition in which he came first in both the 50 metre dash and 200 meter endurance race. It must be the speed gene in him – being of Jamaican, Japanese and English heritage. Yes, it’s scientifically proven that many Afro-caribbean have what is known has the speed gene, which ultimately means they can run faster than others if the right training is applied in addition to a good dose of yam and banana. It could go a little way to understanding why the USA and Jamaica generally dominate the race events at the Olympics. However, it goes further than this… in a recent documentary by Michael Johnson (Olympic legend) it has been discovered and extensively researched for many years that the transatlantic slave trade may also play a part to the dominance of Afro-caribbean sprinters. The reason is that during this horrific time of human history, the fittest and strongest of Africans from a wide range of countries in the continent were mainly settled in Jamaica (current population are 90% descendants of slaves) and beyond into North America. But not only this, these slaves were forced to breed with their female counter-parts. This resulted in selective breeding of fittest and strongest Africans (for plantation work naturally). Of course environmental conditioning also plays a part (i.e. poverty, discrimination = the need to prove oneself and achieve in the face of adversity). That being said, if a non Afro-Caribbean wishes to win at the Olympics in running, then they should train in Jamaica and eat plenty of yam and this may just give them a chance. Controversial research, but plenty of backed-up evidence to support it.

And lastly, being a lover of science and a physics fanatic, it has been a most incredible and exciting time with the news of the God Particle (Higgs Boson) potentially being found. I have been following this whole experiment ever since I first read about it in a 2008 edition of the National Geographic magazine. It is potentially the biggest scientific study of the last 100 years which will have a important and dramatic effect on our knowledge of the universe and life itself. In a nutshell, we have potentially found the particle/atom which exists within the darkness, the particle that binds atoms together to create mass and substance, creating planets and life itself. After further research and studies and in the future to come it will be like looking into space with the eyes of the matrix. Savvy!

Until next time my readers… energy, light and harmonic blessings to you all.


11 thoughts on “Wedding Anniversary, Speed Gene and the God Particle

  1. Wish your family and you all the best! It’s been a great journey together for 8 years and I hope there will be much more adventures for you in the future πŸ™‚
    Bless you!


  2. I certainly understand the delayed posting. Summer activities have me behind as well. Happy anniversary and congratulations to your son. You’ve certainly made up for lost time with a very interesting and informative post. I enjoyed it a lot!


    1. Hi Laura!

      Thanks! It’s good to see your post here. I imagine you must be quite busy recently! Thank you for your kind words, and I’m glad you found some of the information informative.

      I hope you’re well. πŸ˜‰


  3. I love this post! You covered such interesting subjects. Love how you signed off. I was just reading it out loud to my husband (Peace, light and harmonic blessings) and a huge lightning bolt struck in front of our car! Yes we are driving to the mountains and at last are getting some relief.
    Have a great weekend and I wish all the best to your wife. I never felt prouder than when I was pregnant. Something about carrying around another life just gave me pause through my whole pregnancy. (Even when I felt horrid!)


    1. Hey Susie!

      Thank you, as always! I can only imagine how beautiful the scenery must be. Much deserved relief ; )

      And I totally agree with you… my family and I often just stare at the growing baby, listening, and feeling. Amazing to think life resides within the being of another.

      I hope you’re enjoying your weekend!

      Take care and read you soon! πŸ˜‰


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