Inspired Aquaria: A Beginners Aquarium

As a present for my children, my best friend Justin, unleashed his awesome skills for aqua landscaping to create a beginner’s aquarium for our family in order to subtly bring us into this wondrous hobby and growing private business (Inspired Aquaria – new updated website launching at the end of this summer) of his. After allowing the tank to cycle for over a month, we finally bought some fishes (shrimp, tetra, and goby [male and female pair]) to make a home within our wonderful organic eco-system. The fish seemed to love their new home immediately, and after one day some baby fish had naturally arrived  via the goby (whom definitely was already carrying) to the amazement of myself and the children. We feel truly blessed, and under Justin’s guidance we will learn to nurture, sustain and evolve our love for aquatic life and add to our well-being elements. Photos below:




4 thoughts on “Inspired Aquaria: A Beginners Aquarium

    1. Yeah, she delivered 3 little ones!!! They don’t seem to have been eaten yet 🙂 naturally, the children find it fascinating and we already explained that they may or may not get eaten, such is the cycle or life 😉


      1. Hahaha! You can buy a net that sits inside the aquarium then it is really fun to watch them grow and see if they are male (brightly colored) or female. Good luck little babies!


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