A Date in Berlin

Berlin was full of ‘hmmmm, yeah…. hmmmm… right…. okay…’ and currywurst (traditional German snack). Upon arriving my friend and I picked up our welcome cards (allowing us unlimited travel around Berlin for 3 days) at which point I was randomly told by the desk assistant ‘don’t be nervous’. Wonderful start to any trip! We made our way to the hotel and the rather pretty staff smiled at me and cheekily said ‘Welcome Mr. Crispy’. German sense of humour or just plain obvious flirting? Either way, I simply replied ‘Yes, and with plenty of flavouring’.

Two full-days of sightseeing in Berlin was more than enough for a short visit! We walked through parks and squares and admired the views and everyday life. Apart from the red flashing light and emergency warning alarm sound as the train and tram doors close, our first impressions of Berlin were quite simply: peaceful, clean, spacious, and old. Plus we noticed the Germans really do speak what’s necessary.

The three highlights of the trip were a visit to museum island to the Neues museum to dribble over artifacts from the Egyptian Armana period, featuring busts, paintings and ornaments of Ahkhenaten and Nefertiti, including the the famous Nerfertiti sculpture/bust (we were humbled to see these treasures for the first time, but also saddened to see such beauties stolen from the mother land). In addition, the visit to the Bauhaus Archive was truly inspiring, as was our visit of TierPark, one of Europe’s largest landscaped zoos, and believe me it was super large and very beautiful.

Naturally, we visited the Berlin wall and Jewish memorial and was left quite choked and in utter shock after viewing the exhibitions (which were wonderfully presented). Germany has quite a dark past, which can be seen/felt in some parts of Berlin (but I leave that to your own adventure and imagination).

Overall, it was a great and worthy trip, but not a city I would be rushing back to visit anytime soon. Then again, I suppose all of Europe looks the same to me. A day’s rest and the family and I are off to Japan for 3 weeks from tomorrow! Will keep you posted!

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