Japan: Week 1 Photos

The humidity had knocked us off our feet, but before we could hit the melting ground the sound of semi (cicada) and other unknown species of the woodlands enveloped us with nature’s love as we gazed upon the sharp green tanbo (rice fields) elegantly swaying in a rare summer breeze. Tadaima Nihon (We’ve returned Japan).

It’s a blessing to be back in Japan being reminded of the many things we’ve missed and haven’t missed. Such is the heat and humidity, we are taking it easy (going out one day, resting the next, and so on). Having visited Japan 4-5 times prior to living here for 3 years previously, I don’t always take the camera out with me for snaps. So the photos below (covering only 2 days out of 7 at Disney Sea & the seaside) are not taken with a tourist mind-set for the blogging world (you can find many of those already). Half of the photos below are taken by my brother-in-law (Naoyuki). Our first week was purely about adjusting and resting. Next week will see me traveling in and out of Tokyo (I’m based in Chiba [the neighbouring prefecture]) so I will have plenty more photos to share with you.

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