Japan: A Reflection (Final Photos)

I will be leaving Japan in the early hours of tomorrow morning, and I must say that my short trip has provided a rewarding experience. To balance ourselves from the heat and humidity, my family and I went out every other day for action packed fun, as well as truly enveloping ourselves into the Japanese way of life (it’s easier to do so when staying with your Japanese in-laws). This will most likely be the last time I visit Japan, for two reasons: 1. It’s just too expensive to visit here as a family (that goes for many places around the world – no family packages or discounts), 2. There are other parts of the world that I wish to visit (hot on my list is: Egypt, China – Shaolin Temple -, Jamaica, and Brazil).

For my wife, it’s almost like a goodbye trip. We are expecting our third child to be born in October, and as such do not visage doing family trips abroad for a very long time, and certainly not back to Japan (there is only so many times one can visit a country before the novelty runs out… And it has done years ago for me). I agreed to support my wife in this trip because this would perhaps be the last time for her to see her grandparents (who are both over 90, but delighted to say are still going strong). Plus, what husband would I be letting my pregnant wife and two children fly off into the heat of Japan alone…

After visiting Japan a total of 5/6 times (including this trip), plus living here for almost 3 years… My conclusion is that I really do love this country, it’s culture, food, and scenery, but in very small doses at a time (I suppose I really am a drifter, and do see myself living in the America’s in the future). As an individual I have grown a lot living abroad, and by visiting Japan several times has helped me to understand my wife and her culture a lot more (speaking Japanese is a fundamental part of this understanding also). Nihon, iroiro arigatou. Sayounara (thank you for many things/experiences Japan. Goodbye).

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  1. Beautiful shots!
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