Our Third Baby is Born!

He was born to the pulsating dance of mother and father

His little lips trembling as he breathed in the warm air

The light rain cooling the windows from outside

His eyes clenched together, ears wide-awake

The lights a low hum in the shade of the long night

He brought with him nature’s song

I held his mother’s hand and kissed her gently

They did it together! Mother and child.

As the title reads, our third child was born on Wednesday past. He is the third and final addition to our immediate Crispy family. He was born 36 weeks and 5 days, and a very delicate 2.1 Kilos. So a bit early and definitely on the small side. Our early induced labour was due to my wife having a low level of amniotic fluid and that his growth was smaller than the average. But when you consider my wife had no more skin left to stretch on her tum-tums, it kind of all makes sense. It was a long night, but when the doctors broke my wife’s water and it all kicked off, it was then over in a flash. Though I am sure my wife would tell you otherwise! He is now home to the amazement and wonder of his siblings, and I am delighted to say that he is not shy when it comes to feeding. He is feeding and sleeping well! His mother was epic and is resting well… in total sync with our new arrival! The photo above was taken on Thursday and my wife looks so fresh after just giving birth. I am truly blessed!

We have put our children onto school lunch for the remainder of this term so that we have more free time in the morning to focus on breaky, daily preps and the baby. The children are delighted about this because the majority of their friends eat school dinners and not packed lunch. Let’s see how that one goes. So, I’m back to my blogging digital chair with a determination to catch up. Not only with my own writing, but with my dear fellow bloggers as well. This summer has caught me slightly out of sync what with traveling and the Olympic & Paralympic games, but I felt that I kept up well and should now shower myself with creativity.


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