Pyramids of the Ages & The Sleeper Train

Pyramids of the ages

Pyramids of the ages
Dust rising and falling in the early morning breeze
The sound of the nearby city reduced to grunts and footprints
I came by camel, every jerk and bump dipped in Kemet history
The clouds painting the desert like cool soothing waves
I sit eyes closed, heart open, listening to the whispers of years gone by
Stone upon stone the great wonders of Giza leave me in spiritual awe
The Sphinx’s head rises from out above the sand

The Sleeper Train

The Nile caught up with us, as the sun rose in Nubian Aswan,
In the night I followed the moon and Jupiter across empty lands and low landscapes,
Palm trees cradling dates, and donkies and farmers tending to their crops,
The sky untouched by pollution, a crystal blue.

By B. L. Crisp

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