I have entered inside you
and found my ethereal dream,
tranquillity running through my veins
a lucid sedative is clutching me,

this enclosure is flawless
transcendental nature emancipating,
what history sits before me
I can see with closed eyes,

shi ga shidai ni
inochi to naru
watashi wa
kurayami kara deru

the birds and semi
whisper to each other,
dancing on the
humble trees,

delicate rattling of their leaves
echo through the atmosphere,
the small waterfall
cleanses its offspring,

sakana to kame ga
asonde iru,
watashi wa
shizen ni kaeru,

sitting on this wood
I feel captured within time,
hearing the footsteps
and chanting of years before,

matte kurete ookini
doumo arigatou gozaimashita.

By B. L. Crisp

6 thoughts on “Nanzenji

  1. Is this real chanting – from what language? Where have you entered? I’m sorry to not realise! It’s a lovely image you have set, feels very peaceful.


      1. Japanese? I was thinking Tibetan or something! I had no idea the Japanese were into chanting.

        Thank you for letting me know.


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