A trophy, Christine Ohurougu & Matthew Mayfield

It’s been a while since my last blog, owing to the children’s school half-term, Halloween (we went trick or treating and saw live snakes, and all sorts of oddities) and having popped out of London for a digital detox. And as you can imagine with the our third child in the house… we are reliving the ‘gagaga, bababa, booo, yes you…’ moments all over again. It has been a right athletic couple of weeks at the Crisp manor.

My daughter took a taster session in gymnastics during the half-term, and as we were leaving… the instructor asked her if she would like to come back the following week… as she apparently showed potential. The sessions take place at our local over-subscribed gymnastics centre… so as you can imagine my daughter was quite excited at having another session. I was quite surprised to see that my daughter participated in the next session with far more advanced gymnasts. After the session, it was made evident that my daughter just underwent a trial session (hmm… thanks for telling us), and that she has talent and the club want her to join the squad group. Wooo… we were so surprised and delighted for our little princess. On the downside… the sessions cost triple the price per term than her current (now dropped) ballet classes.

On my son’s side… He recently took part in a local 2km race and came first. He received his shiny gold-plated trophy with marble base and certificate today. He just turned 8 last month and did 2km in 9 minutes 17 seconds – so proud! In addition to this he took part in an athletics mini camp and received an athletics goody-bag and signed certificate from Christine Ohuruogu for being one of the four exceptional students out of the whole group. Both my son and daughter also had the opportunity to meet Christine at the Lee Valley Athletics Centre where they trained (and where she trains) during the half-term.

On a last note… I am a subscriber to the Noise Trade website and listen to and support up-and-coming artists. Most recently… I have been listening to Matthew Mayfield, who I’ve taken a great liking to. I like following artists from the birth of their career before they reach that certain amount of fame… Salyu, Hiromi Uehara, Ed Sheeran, Jay Chou, and so on.  So please check out noisetrade.com, and Matthew Mayfield and support new artists. ; )