Studio Evolution has Launched – Wellbeing | Education | Communications

Dear friends, I have launched my new website: Studio Evolution; enhancing individuals and society by bringing together wellbeing coaching, educational training, creativity, and communications consultancy to deliver unique, high-quality, and tailor-made services! Check it out and spread the word – thanks!

Studio Evolution serves as a further expansion of my work and lists the current tailor-made services I am offering, as well as future publications, current projects, studio and so on. I have been delivering a lot of the services listed indirectly for several years already as some of you may know, and now as I move further into freelancing I am rolling them out to the masses (timetable permitting).

Services fall under the following sections:

Replug YOU! – holistic wellbeing, health (inc. mental) and fitness coaching.
Educate YOU! – parental support, mentoring, alternative worksheets, and educational tool kits.
Media, Marketing, Communications Consultancy – for individuals and businesses.

I would greatly welcome your visit and spreading the word of my new site and the services I am offering. To visit Studio Evolution and to explore a list of full services, click here!

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