Digital Detox on the A5 to Wales

Last week I Repluged me and did a mid-week digital detox for two days. Now on face value that might not seem like anything, but when our lives are so connected to the digital world it’s hard to escape it whether via your computer, tablet or mobile phone. A friend of mine was feeling a little under the weather and currently going through a transitional period in his life where he’s seeking his vocation (calling/purpose in life). We decided to do something different from our usual relaxation with a glass of wine and headed out to Wales. Where as last time I had  A Date With Wales in Autumn last year traveling around at F1 speed. This year, I decided upon great conversation, slow pace traveling and camping in below minus temperatures.

We took the A5 route, which follows in part a section of the ancient trackway, Roman Iter II (Watling Street). It was a lovely slow journey passing through little towns, old houses and mining settlements, and the highest village in Wales. We arrived in Betws-y-Coed to the realisation that we forgot the outer layer of our tent, so instead set up bed in the back of the car (pushing the backseats down). It was then off for dinner (fish of course, I am currently Earthing) by a lovely fireplace at a local pub. We retired to do some stargazing with my Celestron binoculars and listen to sheep converse late into the night. We awoke to have breakfast whilst watching the sun rise, followed by a lovely slow drive (with plenty of stop off’s) throughout Snowdonia National Park en route back home to London. Regardless of what you choose to do during your digital detox, what is important is that you choose to have one on a regular basis as possible.




8 thoughts on “Digital Detox on the A5 to Wales

  1. Love that — digital detox. I had one of those some time ago and it was both great and well, kinda lonely. So the fact that you did it with someone and got to go somewhere wonderful is great! I think the next time I plan a digital detox, I’ll make sure to do something extra special 🙂


    1. Hey… thanks! Well you could always take a digital detox to London 😉 And yes, definitely take a digital detox, could be close to home or far away, could be for a whole day, less or more… 🙂


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