Happy New Year 2013, Family and New Year’s Resolutions

Happy New Year 2013 Everyone!

London 2013

2012 whizzed by at the blink of an eye and whilst we didn’t witness the end the world, we most certainly were and still are participants to its rapid change. Personally, it’s was a great advancing year.

Did you catch the first sunrise or sunset of the New Year? And what are your New Year’s resolutions/targets? Although my favourite and lucky number is 6, I always like to think of things in four’s, simply because on base level there are four seasons in a year (if you exclude the transitional periods/seasons). This is the reason why I have four main targets for the year and everything I do slips into the purpose for fulfilling those targets like passing days of a season.

 In 2010 my targets were:

  1. Move back to London from Japan. This was achieved in May of that year.
  2. Find a job. Sorted!
  3. Get my children into school. Sorted.
  4. Continue to write my novel. Didn’t get sorted due to migration back, above targets and mother passing away.

In 2011 my targets were:

  1. Support my younger brother and sister after the death of our mother in December 2010. Done! House, finances and extra support in order.
  2. Become more proactive and creative. Done. Set up Spirativity blog
  3. Find a new job. Done, but then gave up to go back into freelancing
  4. Find a new place to live. Done.

In 2012 my targets were:

  1. To recover from heart condition (myopericarditis) of 2011 and overcome related anxiety and panic attacks. Done. It was tough. I had bad spells, but mind over matter prevailed.
  2. Better define what I am doing. Studio Evolution was born
  3. Be more active. Did Sunday football, writing classes, and street dance classes.
  4. Re-established solidified contact amongst family members. Done

 In 2013 my targets are:

  1. Do me. Releasing of old baggage, wasted friendships, try some new things and experiment more.
  2. Continue my novel
  3. Officially get my driving license. I can drive, but always just been to lazy to take official lessons
  4. Improve support for grandparents

It will be a busy year ahead, but I hope by the end of it I will be able to say that I have accomplished everything I set out to do.

Warm blessings,

B. L. Crisp

14 thoughts on “Happy New Year 2013, Family and New Year’s Resolutions

  1. Good New Years reviews and future New Years goals. That is nice you feel better from the myopericarditis. My boyfriend suffered from that in the past — he also like to “blame” me for the heart pain –hehe.


  2. Dude its been too long, too many New years and too much has happened without us touching base. I have always had faith in you and now I have faith in us to make 2013 an improvement in all areas. Dude you continue to inspire me. Happy New Year. Waiting…


    1. Hey Marlon. It’s great to hear from you! It’s been a very long time indeed. How is everything with you?

      And likewise my dear friend. Happy New Year 2013, and let’s keep the faith and pursue our goals and dreams without reservations.

      I hope you’ve been keeping well…


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