Losing that Winter Holiday Weight or Just Toning Up for the New Year

So the winter holiday came and went and like most people you added a kilo or 2, or maybe more, or less. No doubt it was worth it, and rightly so – you should indulge – after all what’s the point in living if you’re not going to let loose once in a while. Or maybe you just want to tone up and feel sharper for the year ahead.

In addition to eating less, eating healthy and drinking plenty of water – you should also engage in an active lifestyle. Through extensive research and trial and error, I’ve discovered that my body simply doesn’t shed fat if I only jog or run (or engage in another specific solitary exercise), and neither do I have the time nor money to make it down to the gym on a regular basis. I find that I need to do a combination of activities that work all different parts of the body. So, if you find that you’re not shedding the pounds fast enough, or not at all… why not try the following weekly schedule (or something similar) at an hour each, which can be done by yourself in your own time and at your own pace:

Monday: Jog or Run (or combination of both)
Tuesday: Plyometrics
Wednesday: Kung Fu or alternative martial arts (movements) – or maybe a Zumba DVD…
Thursday: Yoga/Tai Chi
Friday: Plyometrics
Saturday: Cycle
Sunday: Weights and muscle exercise

For any of the above, you can refer to YouTube, a friend, a book, or enlist on a course. I recommend doing this early morning, so that it does not interfere with your daily/working schedule, and leaves the evening free for relaxation and socialising. You may want to throw in a swimming class or a dance class (or something else, i.e. football) as an additional compliment. The intensity of each exercise should be entirely up to you and how best you feel comfortable. But do remember… eat less and eat healthy (which also means you can eat more often and improve your metabolism), and drink plenty of water (or alternative fluids).

Good luck! And don’t forget to laugh a lot to ; )