Virgin for Love

Virgin for Love

The stars hung on a cloudy wave across the night sky
The sun had already laid down to rest, surrendering to the moon,
We strolled, our skin touching at each off beat
She had had it rough with the men before her,
Luck and reason had long left her side…
Time drifted patiently by as we whispered sweet words,
Holding her hand I turned to look into her eyes
‘Are you still a virgin for love?’ I asked.
She laughed, she cried, she kissed me and walked away with arms wrapped around her body…

By B. L. Crisp


12 thoughts on “Virgin for Love

    1. Not all those who are born experience love, especially not from the moment of their birth. I wouldn’t say it’s philosophical either, but more of a mental rationale – the possibility to become a virgin for falling in love again despite previous bad experiences… Thanks for popping by and commenting.


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