First Draft of Novel Finished

Phew… it’s been a long time coming, but the first draft of my novel has been completed whilst in my grandparent’s kitchen in the countryside with the sound of sports news updates in the background (my grandfather can literally watch sports from morning to night, whilst throwing in an action film) this weekend past. The book has been written first and foremost for my children for who knows what tomorrow brings and I may not be always there to guide them. It’s an ambitious, but original attempt (I believe) to answer and embrace questions and explorations of love, social interaction, making choices, wellbeing and spirituality in a setting of a coming-of-age fantasy adventure targeted towards secondary students onwards (but suitable for adults and late primary students).

I first began writing in 2009 in a quiet suburb of a place that skips memory whilst living in Japan, but it then got shelved since 2010 due to a series of personal issues and a lack of time. This year I promised myself that I would finish it, and that I have and will. The first draft is done and now I will edit it and input a lot of the side notes before sending it to a select few people for creative critique before completing. I also plan to write a wellbeing book that will be an additional and complimentary purchase to the novel. So, editing and a few illustrations await.

My posts have been sporadic of late, but nevertheless, I shall try to keep pace with you all.


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