Good Health is Good Society and the Power of Creativity

The mantra used during the recent inaugural Global Healthy Workplace Awards & Summit I helped co-host under the banner of i-genius, was ‘Good Health is Good Business‘, but I would personally go a step further and put full claim to Good Health equals a Good Society. Often when you hear the word health many people would interpret this to simply imply eating and exercising well, and therefore so often mental health is dramatically over looked, even though it is a vital contributing factor to our well being.

When my mother suddenly passed away in December 2010 without warning I pulled out of my mental closet the strongest and most powerful cloak of resilience I had purchased and modified since my childhood days. My mind being the cryptic map to all of life’s questions that I had successfully designed in the haze of the punches and kicks my father delivered under the influence of personal failure and alcohol throughout my youth had already given me the answers and step-by-step guide to overcome the road blocks to my own life’s path. The family stood on my shoulders as I weathered the fierce storm of the living, but was striped naked in the silence of my own shield.

Building a mental resilience and awareness is difficult if you have yet to experience tough times, or don’t learn from the ones you have. But equally… not exploring the eventualities of life and it experiences can lead to a fatal lack of mental resilience when you most need it. My interest in physics and spirituality (in complimenting partnership), coupled with Earthing and being constantly creative (for this is my output medium of release and exploration) in addition to my pursuit for a holistic balanced well-being foundation has allowed me to overcome some truly dark matter.

Spirativity and Studio Evolution was born out of the need to evolve my own beliefs and activities firstly, but then to also share with others, secondly. I believe that to truly achieve our full potential as human-beings we need to have three things in order. First, a healthy and stable well-being foundation both mental/emotional and physical is paramount in order to push ourselves further and be resilient when needed. Second, development of knowledge and skills – self-led education is a most powerful tool to enhance and sustain one’s own existence in this forever expanding changing universe. Third, effective communicating – being aware of the sensitivities of culture, individuality and emotions, and the gaps can help cement life-long inspiring relationships and much more. I then envelope these three things with creativity via a variety of mediums. It would be foolish to underestimate the power of creativity in being able to balance and give clarity to one’s thoughts and existence, but to also allow others to resonate with feelings and much deeper than they thought possible.

I believe it’s vital that we emerse ourselves into an element of multi-dimensional thought and multi-talents, and be all that we can be and hold no barriers to our own creativity, talents and thoughts and know that we all create ripples in life’s pond which can be someday felt by the masses.

I’m positive that Good holistic all-round Health is important for the sustainability of a Good Society.

But always know this…

This to shall pass – Ancient proverb

What you do not want done to yourself, do not do to others – Confucius

I took the road less traveled by, and that has made all the difference – Robert Frost.

Energy, light and harmonic blessings to you all.

B. L. Crisp

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