Where Are You From?

Recently, I’ve been engaged in a rather fruitful e-mail dialogue with a new friend of South African origin currently living in France. We’ve been delving through the layers of our individual minds to explore identity, philosophies and much more. Part of decrypting the grand question of ‘who am I?’ is to explore a series of sub questions, then bring it all together. One of those sub questions is ‘Where are you from?’, to which I replied:

“I am the universe, from star dust to star light. I am the energy within and the life source resonating outwards. Whether your beliefs sit with the Big Bang or Adam or Eve is irrelevant, as I embody the creation of all that is in existence. This knowledge lets me know I am apart of something that is forever evolving beyond the boundaries of Earth. My current physical form which radiates light into the cosmos is steeped in rich Earth cultural history with roots stretching across England, the Netherlands, Wales, the Caribbean island of Jamaica and right back into Earth’s motherland, Africa. With a Celtic name meaning ‘spear’ complimenting my surname ‘Crisp’ – with the elements of sharpness, freshness, and precision – re-enforces my desire to make ripples of warm light that pierce through any surrounding cold darkness. I was socially conditioned by poverty and Afro-Caribbean heritage, and environmentally conditioned by British politics and the streets of Hackney, London. This where I am from.”

I would urge anybody who reads this blog post to answer the questions: where are you from?, what do you passionate/care about? and what are you doing now? and check whether the latter two questions match up. Often or not if you find what you truly care about/passionate about is not related to what you’re doing in life, there will be a constant disconnect and a lack in feeling content. This is then compounded by not having a clear idea of where you come from. Naturally, there are other elements to the whole ‘who am I’ exploration, but these three are a good foundation to build upon.

Harmonic blessings,

B. L. Crisp

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    1. Hey Frances. Thanks for your thoughts. Keep working on it, smooth through the voids and explore yourself more… Might help you feel less disconnected once in the know 🙂


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