Family Art, Inspired by Henri Matisse

Dog Walk
Dog Walk by K. Crisp


Summer by B. Crisp


Sea Fruits
Sea Fruits by K. Crisp


The Swimmer
The Swimmer by B. Crisp


Africa by K. Crisp


We are lovers of art in our family, from drawings to paintings our home is kissed with art from our children, my wife, an unknown artist from Bosnia, an ex-student from Japan, Egyptian art, Henri Matisse, Banksy, and a few others. The above works were inspired by Henri Matisse and were created in 2009 whilst living in Japan. We were playing with colours and shapes in free creation and then after we felt satisfied with each image, the children then titled them with what they felt it meant to them respectively. I dug these out recently from our shipping boxes we had sent over from Japan. They now grace our kitchen notice board and I hope they bring some added colour as the Spring shifts in Summer.

Harmonic Blessings,

B. L. Crisp