Layers – short-film on identity

My friend and I have made a short three minute film, which we would like to share with you and hope that you like, comment and forward it on to others.
Layers Short-film Identity
Layers Short-film Identity
Layers is a short film about a young man exploring the purpose of his existence in order to discover his identity. Through creativity we watch him grow as he steps inside himself and becomes one with his identity. He takes to the pen and brings multi-layered vibrations to his growing creativity, as you watch art, poetry, film and music go on a journey within society.

Our short film can be watched in three ways:

1. Just the film and no sound
2. Just the sound and no film
3. Both film and sound

We created this short film bringing separate mediums together; art, poetry, film and music. Each medium tells a story of its own, but also carefully fits together as layers to create one complete identity.

Concept: Barry Crisp
Art: Geurda Bondonga
Voice Over & Poetry: Geurda Bondonga
Film & Editing: Barry Crisp
Music (Time): Barry Crisp
Sound Effects: SoundJay & FreeSFX

Special thanks to Jacob Levy and Justin Watson for their support, input and brainstorming.

We hope you enjoy our three minute film.

Harmonic blessings,