Camping in the Forest of Dean for the Weekend

Forest of Dean River Wye

The evening forest tranquility was in stark contrast to the vibrations of London. We settled in with perfect timing and a hot chocolate and marshmallows to warm our traveling hearts before the ferocious thunder, lightening and hailstone covered the skies and battered our tent. Undisturbed, baby Taiyei slept ‘like a baby’, if you pardon the pun.

Forest of Dean Puzzlewood

Under headlamps Kaiyuki and Kae read books and discussed the day’s adventure whilst cuddled warmly in their sleeping bags. On our first family camping trip we thoroughly enjoyed driving through the Forest of Dean, playing chess, having light conversation and bedtime stories.

As the night drifted, the star filled sky bathed our hungry souls. The owls and creatures of the forest nightlife occupied our dreams.

Forest of Dean River Wye

We ventured out to Symonds Yat overlooking the beautiful River Wye, bird-watched Peregrine Falcons and gazed far into the Welsh border. Cutting through three designated walking trails we climbed up rocks and through hidden passages to snake our way down to the waterside, crossing fields and hilltops forged by Mother Nature herself.

Ancient woodland enveloped us as the forest spoke through whispers and breezes. We were hobbits on an epic adventure through winding pathways and moss-filled rocks. A majestic dreamy and eerie beauty beyond any camera lens flickered at us through darkness and light. What thoughts took hold of all those who had passed through here before us?

Forest of Dean Clearwell Caves

To view the Forest of Dean from above, to travel through it and be humbled by its vastness could only be complimented by going underground through caves of pure air and iron ore cold to the stone, as we went in search of The Old Man and listened to water drip through eroded cracks and passages. We all fell in love with the forest and passages, so much so that we each left a part of hearts nestled deeply in the roots of forest’s trees, knowing that we will return again someday. Knowing we must return!

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Forest of Dean Secret Forest

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