Second Draft of Novella Finished – B. L. Crisp


I’ve finally finished the second draft of my novella. I had almost done so last night, but fell asleep to the sound of some random film playing on C4 in the background. As Kayoko Fukushi crossed the finish line in Moscow earlier today I had finally finished my novella at 198 pages and 38,969 words (doubled spaced of course). The process has most certainly been a marathon and not a sprint by any sense of the imagination.

It’s now ready to be read and critiqued  with a raw eye in order to turn this book into its finalised version (of what would then be my third and final draft). Hence, I am now looking for at least three hungry readers from my blogging sphere and beyond to give this blog a right bash both good and bad. If you’re interested, e-mail me at – at which point I can send you more details.

Stay blessed.

B. L. Crisp


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