What Right?

Houses for Nature

What right do you have to claim such a space within society…
What contract did you sign with Mother Earth or the Cosmos
that renders others insignificant to your existence?

What stories have fed your mind with bogus realities…
Show us the darkness in the depths of your heart
and we will crush it with truth.

Why do you risk eternal loneliness
for the sake of temporary greed?
Do you not know that your life
is but a grain of sand in the time of our universe?

Open the door and we will fix your wavering soul…
Open the door and let humanity inside of you.

By B. L. Crisp

4 thoughts on “What Right?

    1. Hey Susie! Thanks for whizzing by. No, no negative encounter on my part. I was just observing a group of people talking and the opening line popped into my head and the rest is unedited history. It’s always good to have a notepad and pen wherever you go.


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