Pedro’s Hungry Ride: A boy. A bike. A search for a snack. – Books Published

A friend of mine has release her new children’s book:

Gloria Barone Rosanio is on a mission to create children’s books to help create awareness of social causes and start the conversation for change at a young age. Payton Press’ latest book, “Pedro’s Hungry Ride: A boy. A bike. A search for a snack.” is suited for ages 5-8 and is about a little boy who lives in a city that is a “food desert.”

Millions of Americans live in food deserts without access to healthy food, an issue that is known in the UK and other parts of the world as well. Pedro sets off on his bike in search of fruit and vegetables and asks his teacher, mayor and grocer to help. When they can’t do anything, he bubble-gum glues his mouth shut in protest. The teacher, mayor and grocer figure out how to help and eventually plan an urban garden so Pedro can grow healthy snacks of his own.

To find out more about Payton Press, the Story Catchers, visit their website here:

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