Replug YOU Book – Holistic Wellbeing solution for mind, body and health

Replug YOU is my first fully self-published book and is available to purchase via Lulu and Amazon.


Replug YOU is the perfect pocket guide book for busy people seeking work-life balance and a holistic well-being solution for mind, body, and health. Each short chapter unlocks the know-how to effective mastery of a healthy lifestyle supported by simple and practical exercises, which help you to develop confidence, knowledge, and empowerment. Most exercises last for ten minutes or less so they can be applied to your busy schedule without affecting your work and personal activities.

It could be that you are tired of feeling as if time evades you and leaves you out of sync with your work and life. Or you may be struggling to carefully obtain optimum fitness, good health, or mental and emotional stability. By drawing in on the author’s own personal experiences and practices, Replug YOU offers easy-to-apply advice on areas of self-improvement from time management to health and fitness, resilience, creativity and much more. The book also attempts to answer the question we all ask at least once in our life, ‘who am I?’

Buy on Lulu: eBook [PDF] (£1.99) | Paperback Print (£4.99)

Buy on Amazon: Kindle Edition (£2.04)

I would very much appreciate that whoever visit’s this page, purchase my wellbeing pocket guide and share within your networks, blogs, contacts, etc.

Harmonic Blessings,

B. L. Crisp


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