Board Of Elements ~ Replug YOU Series

“All that we are and will be is decided by our choices and those of others around us.”
– B. L. Crisp

So now you have a firm understanding of who you are and what you are doing in life to some degree (it is ok if you do not, so long as you are continuously asking), let us now create some manageable targets that will keep you focused and on track. Whilst you must always live fully in the present now, goal setting however is essential for the sustainability and evolution of our own existence. It is like a thread that pulls you along and keeps one on track.

Get yourself a Board Of Elements (BOE). It can be a white board, black board, A3 paper, back of an envelope, or whatever medium you like. The important thing is that it is big enough to remind you of its existence. A Board of Elements is known by other names like a ‘Vision Board’ or ‘Future Board’, and so on. You will divide your BOE into four sections for short-term targets, long-term targets, communication, and health and hygiene. In the centre create a fifth section titled values. It is always good to have a constant reminder of codes and ethics you live by. If you rather have your Board of Elements private then that is totally fine so long as you refer to it on a regular basis.

+ Short-term targets (a few weeks to a few months)
+ Long-term targets (6 months to a year)
+ Communication (ongoing) – You can rename this to something more relevant to you
+ Health & Hygiene (or just health – but be honest with yourself, as some of us have some bad habits)
+ Mission & Values

Try to always use the present tense when referring to your targets, i.e. “I am learning about how I can become an art therapist”. If you keep everything in the present then it is a reality that is happening right now and not something that may happen in the future…

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  1. Good read, Barry.

    Other than giving away ‘free’ chapters every week, I wonder what your marketing plan is to push sales. I ask only because I’m gearing up to launch one of my eBooks.



    1. Hi Eric,

      Thank you! I don’t really have a big intention to release this widely, as it just something I wanted to write. In fact I hadn’t intended to publish it to the public until about mid-way through writing.

      In any case, social media – enewsletter – and word of mouth really. I will devise an efficient and effective plan for when I finish my novel. At the moment I am setting up my platform. 🙂



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