Dig Deeper

Dig deeper…

There was a scramble for Africa, but the Afrikan’s weren’t in the race,
yeah, slavery’s lost us more than a generation, so are you awake?

Activity of the sun is quietening down
but the earthless 1% will be the last to wear a frown,

Development needs austerity from the invisible visible forces,
politics belong to babylonious cyclonius camelious didyouseeus,

From internal globalisation to weather wars
to ice-caps melting as climate migration soars,

Dig deeper…

This new age needs austerity from trilateral ideology
a gold dinar would have and still would twist the monolopy,

but you know HIV Aids fell from Mars
and bang, the ‘smoking gun of cancer’ is no longer just a farce,

Drip drip drip…
world power without world citizenship,

Oh dear… the cultural, social, political contrast is just to dark
but if you need a time out, why not head over to Hanslope Park,

Dig deeper.

B. L. Crisp