Power of Creativity ~ Replug YOU Series

“Creativity is the nourishment for one’s mind.”
– B. L. Crisp

At the core of our development and expression is creativity. Creativity can mean different things to many people. It could be ideas that have values which are in turn put into action, or it could simply be getting off your bottom and doing something fun that is full of expression. Be it art, music, baking a cake, or gardening, we are all creative and must take pleasure in our own creativity. What is key to note is that creativity is essential to keep you from growing stagnate, and the medium to share with others the beauty of your existence.

For time immortal people have found great pleasure in the power and wonder of creativity from music, drawing, to dance and writing. Creativity is primitive; just imagine our ancient ancestors living in caves without the tools and security we have today, yet they still took the time to make necklaces and bracelets, and draw paintings on walls. Being creative is a natural innate process of the human experience. You should embrace it!

When we wish to rest, or to experience and reflect, we usually turn to the creativity of others and explore that of our own. I urge you to be creative no matter your skill set or level. The process of creativity is more important than the desired output. Being creative stops you from falling into standardisation. It allows you to explore your own ideas and beliefs with greater expression and understanding. By being creative on a regular basis you feed your fluid mind and spirit (if you believe in having one) with fuel and passion, enabling greater resilience and appreciation of other people’s creativity… | …

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