Time Management & Relaxation – Replug YOU Series

“Anything can be achieved with a bit of order and enthusiasm.”
– B. L. Crisp

Never underestimate the importance of ensuring you achieve good time management. It is essential especially if you are juggling many things at once. I would not be able to function if I did not have a to-do list no matter its medium (i.e. sticky notes, scrap paper, diary, and so on). I usually use the back of envelopes from letters/bills received. Your Board of Elements will compliment your time management process enabling you to keep on track and ensuring you are always engaged. You will have the feeling of being in control, which is quite liberating.

To achieve good time management you must first be honest with yourself and prioritise what is most important to the least and what is just not necessary. Really be honest with yourself. Over committing yourself and making promises that can not be kept only makes you feel bad. You will be forever battling against the tide if you over commit yourself. It also may well have an impact on others who are affected by your failure to achieve good time management and keep to promises and deadlines. Effective time management also ensures you have essential relaxation time free from everything and everyone. Even socialising consumes both energy and time.

These days most people are searching with passion for a stable work-life balance and greater time management. Would it not be wonderful to rest four days and work three? Recent research suggests that working longer hours does not improve productivity. In fact, Germany is one of the nations that work the fewest hours collectively in the year, yet they are one of the most productive and efficient nations across the globe. Allowing more free time to explore one’s own interests and happiness generates happier, more productive and content people… | …

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