Princess in Spring / Haru no Oujosama

She sat in a far distant land showered in rainbow wonder
Whilst the envious eastern sun failed to compete,
With water diamond eyes that were intoxicating and mysterious
Her presence was warm and her thoughts enchanting,
Such innocence held preservation for pure growth
And yet I hopelessly waited for a shooting star to claim a wish

As the sun climbed over the mountains, she strolled across the river path
And as she did so, a fresh spring scent whispered above,
The melody of forest insects emerged from lonely chambers
The vibrations awoke a shallow breeze, which brought air to life,
She pushed back her velvet hair, slowly stroking her creamy cheeks
The waterfall flowed with affection giving life to cherry blossoms in full bloom

What could I have said?
Before I awoke from my dream…

B. L. Crisp

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